Tuesday, November 11, 2008


People have had to order Living Sensationally because it has sold out! This means more and more people are learning about their sensory patterns and sharing with others. Remember, my goal is for the 4 sensory patterns to be 'kitchen table' talk, so familiar that we can tease each other playfully about being 'seekers', 'avoiders', 'sensors' and 'bystanders' as a way of acknowledging our quirkiness and uniqueness. When we can play with our differences, we are appreciating each other rather than being irritated or frustrated.

Keep the conspiracy of wisdom and acceptance going!


On Sunday, November 9, 2008, the lesson at the Unity Temple on the Plaza service was 'Diversity is Sensational'. At this congregation, they begin services with "Where diversity is praised, peace and harmony are the rewards". As the guest speaker for the lesson, I offered the idea that another way to praise diversity is to know about your sensory patterns, and the patterns of your family, friends and coworkers. We had a great time exploring this topic together, and getting 'in touch' with our senses as a way to know ourselves a little better. Being mindful includes insight and understanding, which then enables us to pause in situations and consider the meaning of the experience before taking action. Knowing sensory patterns informs our mindfulness.


More than 70 people showed up at the library to find out about Living Sensationally. It is really great to see that people are interested in this topic without any other previous experiences. When I talk to colleagues and families in my professional work, they are already somewhat familiar with the ideas, and want to learn more. At the library, the ideas have to stand on their own merit as raw material; thanks to everyone who responded to this invitation to spend an evening with me. I loved all the conversation and stories people had to tell, and as always, I learn too.

And the very coolest thing: Mr Kemper, the person providing vision for the Library system in our community, took the time to come and thank me for being part of the Library series. This man is an incredible and positive force in our community; I so appreciated meeting him, and in a small way, contributing to his vision for us.


I had a marvelous time at the Central Exchange this week (an organization of professional women). We discussed Living Sensationally, with the workplace and coworkers in mind. The room was completely full, and I was so honored to be with so many amazing women. Their questions were insightful and thought provoking for me. Every time I tell people about sensory patterns, I learn as much as they do.