Friday, September 21, 2007


Section 1: Learning about the Sensory Code.
1. Sensation is Everywhere!
2. How the Sensory Systems Work.
3. Cracking Your Sensory Code.

Section 2: Cracking the Sensory Code in Daily Life and Relationships.
4. Sensational Daily Life: Living Each Day with Your Very Own Style.
5. Sensational Relationships.
6. ‘Sense’ Able Parenting: Negotiating Life with Your Children.

Section 3: Cracking the Sensory Code in Specific Areas of Living.
7. Hungry? Let Your Senses Lead the Way!
8. Sensational Wardrobes.
9. Your Home is Your Castle: Creating Living Spaces that Meet Your Sensory Needs.
10. Work is Life Too: Knowing Sensory Patterns at Work Helps You Succeed.
11. Sensational Leisure & Recreation: Let’s Get Personal.


Living Sensationally Understanding Your Senses
by Winnie Dunn
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 978 1 84310 871 9

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Isnt it cool that my publisher is the Independent Publisher of the Year??!!

"Independent Publisher of the Year
As we celebrate 20 years of independent publishing, Jessica Kingsley Publishers has been named both the Academic & Professional Publisher of the Year and the overall Independent Publisher of the Year at the inaugural Independent Publishing Awards."


I am really excited about this book!
It is coming out October 15, 2007, and you can order it at a bookstore or online right now.

Living Sensationally has lots of really great information, but it also has about 100 different stories about people who have different reactions to events in their daily lives... you will undoubtedly see yourself, your family, friends and coworkers in the stories. Some of them are HILARIOUS too!

In future posts:
I will tell you about my interview for the LONDON TIMES newspaper; they are writing a story about Living Sensationally!
I will give you examples of people's reactions in everyday life that reflect their sensory patterns.
I will explain how I figured out all these ideas.