Monday, December 3, 2007


TIME magazine is spreading the good news about Living Sensationally!
In the December 10, 2007 issue [Obama on cover], on p. 66, there is a nearly full page story about the research that formed the basis for this book, along with pictures representing the 4 sensory patterns and many entertaining examples of daily life.

Thanks to Claudia Wallis for her skillful journalism in reporting this story.
Get the whole magazine either on the newstands, or you can order a copy online at [prices are the same].

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We have found 3 other BLOG sites that have mentioned Living Sensationally in their discussions! thanks to these authors!

here are the links:


Last weekend, a wonderful local store called STUFF! hosted a fundraising event in their store to support breast cancer research, their "Wings of Hope" campaign. STUFF is a locally owned store that carries local and regional art, jewelry, home decor, clothing, and is a unique experience for everyone. Thanks to Casey and Sloane for including me in their event!

Living Sensationally understanding your senses was a featured item [along with the author to sign and personalize books] during the event. It was great fun talking to everyone about their lives and experiences and offering suggestions from the book. They nearly sold out of their stash too! They are going to continue to carry the book in their store.


Exciting things are happening! I had a drive time live interview with an Ireland talk radio show, and it went really well.

I also was interviewed by Heidi Dawley, who writes for MEDIA LIFE, an online magazine. Read what she has to say at:

Soon, there will be an article in the IRISH EXAMINER newspaper as well.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Yesterday I got the greatest email. It is from a man I met on a plane ride several months ago. We had a lively conversation about sensory patterns and how they affect everyone's life. Nick emailed me to tell me that he had been thinking about these ideas, and saw an application on a TV show.... It is so perfect, I wanted to share it. THANKS NICOLAS GALLO.

Hi Winnie,
I was actually just thinking about you this week; funny you should write. In case you don't remember me, we met on a flight from Chicago to Kansas City and spoke literally the entire way.
I was watching this show on TLC called "John & Kate Plus 8", which documents the lives of a couple with 8 kids - a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. Anyway, it is interesting to see the contrast between the sextuplets in terms of not only their personalities, but also their sensory preferences. It is cool because they really have a large sample set of children to compare each child to. Because of this, I surmise, the parents are more likely to recognize these preferential differences between their children as valid differences, whereas most parents (who have children one at a time) would probably be more likely to ignore a child's sensory preferences (especially if those preferences differ from those of the parent).
Anyway, I am excited to read the book; our conversation was definitely the most interesting plane conversation I have ever had. Good luck to you in all of your endeavors.
Nicolas Gallo

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LONDON TIMES Story about Living Sensationally

Juliet Rix, a journalist that writes for the London Times, wrote a great story about Living Sensationally Understanding your Senses. Not only is she a great writer, she really understands the concepts in the book. Thanks Juliet.


Today is the Day that I saw my real book for the first time. I have imagined this moment for a very long time, and here it is!

The book is a total sensory experience for me: it is beautiful and fun to look at; the pages feel really creamy, the book smells new like a new car does, it is just the right weight to carry around comfortably... and it says all the things I have been wanting to tell you.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


My husband led a dedicated group of friends and family to throw a surprise party for me to celebrate Living Sensationally: Understanding your Senses being available this week YEA!!!].
We celebrated at the LOCUST FACTORY [18th and Locust, KC], the art studio of several of my artist friends. It was the perfect space for celebrating creative endeavors, with beautiful art all around. My friend Brian made sure we had a big poster with the book cover on it to welcome everyone to the space.

All my Yoga friends, artist friends, professional friends, book club friends, neighbors, family and even Tim's staff from City Pets & Ponds were there to celebrate with me. My daughter Jessica had her friends Jason and Julie there to be the classiest servers I have ever seen at a party.

My nephew Michael drove my mother here from St. Louis for the event; What a gift of love that was! And my sister pitched in by taking care of everyone's dogs so they could make the trip. Even that wierd 'one day visit' didn't trigger me to wonder what was going on!

What a life I have with all these incredible people. And you will learn about many of them in the anonymous stories in the book; of course everyone thinks the stories are about them, so you will all have to share.

THANKS and I LOVE all of you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This is really great...

On November 10th and 11th, I will be participating in a Holiday Sale and fundraising event as a featured 'artist' at one of our premier shops in Kansas City!

where: STUFF!
316 W. 63rd St.
Kansas City, Mo 64113

when: November 10th 1-4pm
November 11th 2-4pm

I will have books on hand, and will be talking to people about Living Sensationally!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Bystanders are easy going; they tend not to notice what other people notice, so it takes a lot to bother them.
You might be a Bystander if you:
* can work productively with disruptions around
* tend to lose or forget your keys
* easily fit into many situations
* find a cut you didn't know you had
* miss turns when going somewhere
* hear 'I told you that before' more than others
* miss someone calling your name


Sensors notice many details in the situations they encounter; they have precise ideas about how much is enough sensory input.
You might be a Sensor if you:
* are easily distracted by background activity
* have precise ideas about acceptable clothing textures
* order the same item at a favorite restaurant
* tend to get motion sickness
* detect errors in work product more easily than others
* notice small changes in a prepared dish [e.g., more salt]
* prefer monochromatic decorating


Avoiders feel more comfortable with only familiar sensory experiences; unfamiliar sensations are uncomfortable.
You may be an Avoider if you:
* love order and routines
* have favorite foods you choose regularly
* leave gatherings when they get crowded
* use a sparse decorating style
* have serious brand loyalty for products
* have many of the same clothing items in the wardrobe
* prefer to shop online or with delivery services


Seekers enjoy sensory input, and so they want more flavors, colors, sounds, etc.
You might be a Seeker if you:
* sing or make other extra noises [e.g., tapping a pencil]
* touch objects on other people's desks
* chew gum or candy throughout the day
* get up during meetings
* eat a wide variety of foods
* change their routes to familiar places
* have interesting combinations of clothing

Friday, September 21, 2007


Section 1: Learning about the Sensory Code.
1. Sensation is Everywhere!
2. How the Sensory Systems Work.
3. Cracking Your Sensory Code.

Section 2: Cracking the Sensory Code in Daily Life and Relationships.
4. Sensational Daily Life: Living Each Day with Your Very Own Style.
5. Sensational Relationships.
6. ‘Sense’ Able Parenting: Negotiating Life with Your Children.

Section 3: Cracking the Sensory Code in Specific Areas of Living.
7. Hungry? Let Your Senses Lead the Way!
8. Sensational Wardrobes.
9. Your Home is Your Castle: Creating Living Spaces that Meet Your Sensory Needs.
10. Work is Life Too: Knowing Sensory Patterns at Work Helps You Succeed.
11. Sensational Leisure & Recreation: Let’s Get Personal.


Living Sensationally Understanding Your Senses
by Winnie Dunn
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 978 1 84310 871 9

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Isnt it cool that my publisher is the Independent Publisher of the Year??!!

"Independent Publisher of the Year
As we celebrate 20 years of independent publishing, Jessica Kingsley Publishers has been named both the Academic & Professional Publisher of the Year and the overall Independent Publisher of the Year at the inaugural Independent Publishing Awards."


I am really excited about this book!
It is coming out October 15, 2007, and you can order it at a bookstore or online right now.

Living Sensationally has lots of really great information, but it also has about 100 different stories about people who have different reactions to events in their daily lives... you will undoubtedly see yourself, your family, friends and coworkers in the stories. Some of them are HILARIOUS too!

In future posts:
I will tell you about my interview for the LONDON TIMES newspaper; they are writing a story about Living Sensationally!
I will give you examples of people's reactions in everyday life that reflect their sensory patterns.
I will explain how I figured out all these ideas.